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Nice Pinot Gris


We live off grid but let’s be real. We aren’t the off grid hairy, toothless, flannel clad, come to Jesus crazy people you see on reality television. Sure, we women are occasionally lax in our comittment to foundation garments and the men folk use less blades per razer than they did when they lived in the city, but we do as a community by and large, live a very civilized life.

I have been in the city this week taking care of the paperwork side of Mom’s departure from this earth. They, the proverbial they, do not make it simple to step off. There are bills to pay, I’s to dot and T’s to cross… I came on Monday with a very long to do list and have made great progress.

The greatest achievement, if it can be called as such,  is the dent we made in the pile of stuff in my Mothers garage. The three of us siblings all have treasured and less than treasured belongings stored in there in addition to a great number of bins with my children’s worldly goods. Everything stacked in mislabeled containers covered in seven years of dust. I called 1 800 JUNK…. seven hundred dollars later the garage was still full but now the real garbagey garbage is gone and there are paths between the bins…. baby steps…..

We buried Mom on a beautiful sunny day.  No big production. Just the three of us. Like we started, we so finished.. We drove along the back alley by our elementary school and down the street where we grew up and shared so much. We walked through the park where we spent our summers and swung on the swings.  We finished with fish and chips at Spanish Banks… our go to special occasion family meal. It was a perfect send off for a practically perfect Mother.

But I am done. My city list of things to do is done… The house is sold and I will have to come back a couple more times but for the moment I am ready to head home… 

But first, E will fly in tomorrow and we are going wine hunting in the Okanagan.. We are unplugging our phones, IPads and laptops. We will be off grid.. More out of reach by communication than off the grid, but you get the gist. We will return hopefully rejuvenated and with a bit better wine to toast our new deck. After all, remaining civilized on our island sometimes requires a really

 nice Pinot Gris

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

2 thoughts on “Nice Pinot Gris

  1. Many times I read your post and just smile – this was another one. I visualized your trek through the old neighbourhood (how it has changed!) and am glad that you shared a special day with your brother and sister remembering your mom. I smiled also at the discription of boxes of your family’s things at your moms. I have the same. Have a wonderful wine gathering trip – you deserve the break. Happy birthday very soon my friend!πŸΎπŸ·πŸŽ‰

    • Thanks kid, my how the neighbourhood has changed. Have you seen the house across from Mom’s.? holy cow what a mess. No wonder our basement flooded every winter…. walking around the park of course reminded me of our (you and me) summer there…Do they even have leaders anymore? Probably just lifeguards………..sigh… where did the time go? We have known each other for a very long time! So fortunate to have your friendship……thanks for reading…….

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