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We have been sitting out on what will be our living room, but now is our open deck for the last few nights. We sit and plan where our furniture will go. Where we will install the fireplace…While we sit here we also spend a lot of time trying to imagine how the attached deck will work.

I spent a lot of time in the garden today. I only have a garden as a means to attract birds. I went to the bird food store last week. I asked for suggestions for bird seed to attract different types of birds. I usually buy black oil sun flower seeds. (Not from Walmart, birds hate the ones from Walmart)… Rona  has the best everyday price or Buckerfields on sale… but I digress..

The very knowledgable guy who is coincidentally also a good salesman convinced me to try the very expensive preshelled sunflower seeds.. The theory being, birds pick up the seeds and if they don’t weigh enough to indicate it is worth their time to crack open they toss them on the ground.. which mine have been doing endlessly. Makes a big mess, attracts the squirrels, raccoons and mice….  If the seeds are preschelled, the seeds are pure food and the purchase lasts longer in the feeder. Birds happy, no mess, and no food for the rodents….

So I bought a huge bag at a ton of money which we won’t mention specifically to E. and lo and behold. We have gold finches and cross beaks lined up on the feeders… I am thrilled. Worth every penny.

I have been scanning the internet for pictures of a deck that might work at this house on a cliff. I sent one to Craig, my dear friend and contractor with a suggestion that we need to think outside the box.

Then I suggested perhaps we shouldn’t limit our options for a guest room.

At that point he sent me a text back to

Get off Pinterest 🙂

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