Than an entrance

When E’s Dad was in his final days and preparing to leave his island home to his kids, he left notes. There was a list of chores which needed to be seen to and some advice. He said … give this list to Craig and he will take care of it all and anything else he sees. If you have any questions and need any help at all ask Tom, or Craig or John.. You can trust them. Listen to their advice..

That was eight years ago and between Papa’s house and ours we have relied on those three men countless times. For this reno, it is in their hands… We know nothing about how to build things, let alone build them on an off grid island. We defer to the experts…These three men have been building on this island for years and years and years…. if Tom says we need a shear wall somewhere, that is where it goes. If Craig understands that I would like a pocket door to the guest room but it won’t provide the stability we need, he tells me and I listen….

As a client, other than the fact that we are living within the renovation, I think I am pretty awesome. I promised I would try not to make any changes to the plans Tom drew up after something had been built. Any changes I have made since the original plans have actually simplified Craig’s work…. ie. not changing a window I was originally going to change…etc. 

At the end of the day as long as I get my bathtub and my deck view I am going to be more than delighted. The added peace of mind coming from being firmly attached to the island will be a bonus….

We did change one thing this week but it was on E’s to do list and he wanted it as much as I did. When we put on the original colour of grey paint in the bedroom everyone said it was blue.. no it’s grey, look it says right here on the can .. grey paint….. in the end we had to agree it was blue….. so we went to town and got a softer grey.. E repainted the bedroom today and it looks really nice… and grey….

I asked Craig what he wanted us to do before he gets here next to help him in his work.. He wanted the fireplace out and the fireplace wall gone… so early this morning we took it out before the sun would be on us… It didn’t really take too long. We were able to burn the debris on what was the last burnpile of the season.

Burning restrictions begin on this island on June first so the fire must be completely out by then. It will be….. Any other garbage that accumulates during construction will be removed by barge or burned safely after the October rains have arrived…

So we now have another wall missing.. Craig will be framing a door here for access from the guest room to the deck… last nights mice body count was six.. Perhaps the mice will consider the new opening an exit rather

 than an entrance.

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