Night like this

And life on an off grid, unserviced island continues. 

Our truck is still at the end of the W’s driveway playing more of the role of guardian of the gate than we had imagined when we brought it here. E, who likes to problem solve with systems, computers or just about anything else on this planet other than trucks……is trying to figure out how to fix our truck…. Thankfully, our neighbour and friend Brad is more inclined to automotively problem solve… let’s wish them both luck.

We spent the majority of the afternoon working toward the goal of allowing us to sleep in a decent space. To that end,  E had already dry walled and mudded the master bedroom. We sanded the walls all afternoon. Sanding drywall is truly one of the most horrid of jobs. Completely enclosed in a cocoon of plastic sheets, we sanded until our hair, noses and throats were full of dust. But, it’s done, at least the first coat. Tomorrow, E will do a second coat of mud, and when dried, we will redo the whole process.. But then,. And this is the exciting part………we can paint and lay the floor.. and then Auntie Mabel we can sleep in an honest to God bedroom. This time next week I should be sleeping like an adult rather a university student who rented a room in the Clampetts old house…

It’s May 20th, 8 pm and I am still sitting out on the back deck. First night this year that we were able to eat dinner outside. E is off helping someone somewhere doing  something… God knows… I am working my way through the bottle of wine we opened with dinner and truth be told I have opened a package of TimTams,,,, if you haven’t had one yet… go to your nearest grocery store.. do not pass go and buy some TimTams…. Australias gift to the Gods…… 

When we moved here five years ago, I started this blog as a way to keep my Mom involved with our life  here…….I’m not really sure where my beliefs on the after life rest but I am assuming Mom, where ever she is doesn’t need my blog to keep her posted on our goings on… So why continue to write?

I have found that writing helps me to not only chronicle the progress of our learning curve and document the wildlife on the nature channel. It also allows me to focus on what’s important in life. A tugboat just tugged past me so I got up and gave him a big wave.  And he honked back! Honestly, is there anything greater than connecting with a stranger on a beautiful 

night like this

8 thoughts on “Night like this

  1. Don’t stop writing. When my chores get me down and I read your blog I am reminded about why we choose to live on this beautiful island.


  2. Don’t stop writing. When my chores get me down and I read your blog I am reminded about why we choose to live on this beautiful island.


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