Circle of life

It was a Saturday night in May 1987 and E’s best friend, who was single phoned E to tell him that he had called the golf course and had no problem getting a last minute prime tee off time for the following morning. E hung up quite excited that he was going to be able to enjoy a round of golf with Vaughn on this sunny May weekend. I responded with the reason that no other married man on the planet was playing golf the next morning was because it was Mother’s Day. My first Mother’s Day to be exact.

My son was fifty  weeks old and this was to be my first day celebrating my membership in this most worthy of clubs. But I didn’t need E to do it. I wasn’t his Mother….He went off to play golf.

We were living in Kits at the time. I packed some snacks for me, something for my eldest, Scott. Then he and I had a picnic in the back yard.  We spent hours picking blades of grass and trying to make them whistle and then fell asleep with the sun on my face and a receiving blanket over his. There was no restaurant brunch or bouquets of flowers.. It was perfect.

This year I spent the day tidying the mess that is our house. E intended on spending the day chopping wood until our truck died on the W’s driveway and well …. that’s another story… The point being that we are back home and whether or not there is a renovation going on or not the mundane chores of living on this island still need to be addressed.

I heard from all of my three kids and from the mother to be of my soon to be granddaughter. I am confident that once the house is complete they all will be as eager to spend time here as much as we are. I am sure there will be plenty of Mothers Days, Fathers Days and Birthday celebrations on the new deck as our family moves forward with E and I as the eldest generation. 

We may have both lost our Mothers this year but we have gained a daughter and a granddaughter… it is as it should be. The 

circle of life

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