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Are looking up


The last night Mom was alive, just before we three kids left for the night she drowsily said to us. “I’m going to need my pocket book. I’ll need money for the cab.” “No Mom” we said, “you don’t need any money.” “I’ll need money” she insisted. “Nope, Mom, don’t need any money.” “ah” she said “There will be someone there to meet me?” “Yes” I shrugged.. “presumably it will be Grandma.”  Mom died six hours later.
There, that is enough about that.
I am home.
We can return to conversations of tomatoes and septic systems… No,  I still don’t have walls. No one mysteriously waved a magic wand while I was away to finish the renovation project which we began March 1st… Doesn’t matter. It will all get done eventually. I have to assume that we are going to have awesome fall weather when the spring has been so terrible. So there will still be plenty of time for us to finish the project and sit on the deck drinking wine..
My seedlings in the greenhouse are miserable. I am going to have to buy all my vegetable starts from the greenhouse in town. I will just write this spring off as a fluke of nature rather than blame my poor vegetable gardening skills.
The flower part of the garden is thriving. Smells great and and everything I moved around last fall looks to be happy in its new home. Rain will do that for transplanted plants… gives them a chance to soak their feet in their new home.
Even the Cala Lily from Marion on the new driveway looks happy. The deer haven’t touched it.
I have no where I have to be for a while. Nothing I have to do. No one I have to talk to.
I picked  up our mail on the way home yesterday in town. Good news, I now qualify for the seniors discount at the bank. Things are looking up

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. …also, Seniors discount on Thursdays at participating Shoppers Drug Mart, and I beg to differ, “You do have someone to see!”

  2. 😪 beautifully written! So sorry for your loss! Xo

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