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Papa and Nan


I have a very long list of reasons why I haven’t written for a while. But I will spare you the details and move on to happy news and an update on the renovation.

Our timetable for the reno was reversed when the spring weather decided to make a difference. We were going to add the new walls and replace the roof first. Then, we were going to slowly finish the details of the interior. Tiling, painting and cabinets seemed like projects best left to the end of the project. But noooooo. I don’t think we had two days in a row without rain in March and April, let alone enough days to take the roof off and build a new room before putting it back on again.

So instead, we live in chaos. Squeezing between equipment, tools and drywall we wind our way thru the framed doorways to the bathroom. With our food sitting beside our tools on the same narrow counter, we shake the drywall dust off our bananas and rinse our apples well.

Craig says rule number one for contractors is to never renovate while the clients are living in the house. We broke that rule and probably every other rule for sane renovating.  We are still sane and still having fun. I am getting a little claustrophobic but it won’t be long. May looks to be dry and I am sure we will make great progress this month.

Normally one would drywall the whole house, then paint the whole house, then hang all the cabinets…. but we are kind of doing all three at once while we finish wall by wall and room by room… it’s a weird way to renovate but it seems to be working. We were able to hang some of the kitchen cabinets today, which then in turn enabled us to put the dishes and food away.. This then cleared  out space in our living area so we can proceed with removing more walls…Where we are living will be the guest room and it is the last room to be prepped for Craig to frame the changes.

Ok, now for the really great news. We are going to be grandparents in August…another generation in our family will be coming to this island. Another generation to share the magic of phosphorescence, to witness an eagle feeding and a sea lion raft.

We didn’t think we could have more fun than vacationing here with our children and their grandparents. But I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty darn great when we are the 

Papa and Nan.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “Papa and Nan

  1. Congratulations! Us, too. September. Sheesh. I’m certainly old enough to be a grandfather but I am not sure I am ready. I mean, I have just barely gotten used to having a woman living with me and the kids arrival was a complete shock! Still is, actually. And I am into this thing now for 47 years.
    Aaaaah,…….renovations….the gift that never ends….the easiest solution is to abandon all hope, all expectations and, of course, any standards that may still be hanging about. Embrace dust and chaos as if they were the names of your new grandchildren. They are very similar in nature as I understand it.
    Still, it could be worse… could have become a cat lady. Same kinda thing……jus’ sayin’

    • I guess grand children were to be expected… luckily we were preparing extra bedrooms for just such an event
      The reno would have been
      without hiccups if it weren’t for the weather…..
      Doesn’t matter at the end of the day…it’s all about family……..

  2. Congratulations!!! You’ll be great grandparents. One thing to keep in mind – you can spoil them to your hearts content and then hand them back….. I like to think of it as payback! LOL

  3. Congratulations! How exciting. The renos look great too.

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