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Living off the Grid on a west coast island

Isn’t she pretty


With this ever freaking endless rain we aren’t making very much progress.

E has made a nice job on the bathroom tile, but everything else construction wise has come to a grinding rainy halt… I’m not too concerned as we are still in April and surly to Pete the rain will end one day.

I turned my attention to flooring. After asking my friends for advice, pouring over the Google  and visiting a multitude of stores we have finally decided on our flooring. We got a great deal yesterday on cork flooring in the perfect colour. 

It goes with the tile we chose for the hearth nicely. As an added bonus We found back splash tile in the same pattern as the hearth tile. It was fate!

There were five cross beaks on my bird feeder this week..  two adults and three babies…

Isn’t she pretty?


Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast of British Columbia

2 thoughts on “Isn’t she pretty

  1. Great that you are still able to enjoy the beauty around you as you soldier through this project. It’s one of the things that kept us going through the many challenges of our build. We just kept focussing on the end result and the spectacular views.


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