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Unexpectedly expose myself


Great celebration on the island for those returning to the newly renovated local marina. It has been closed for a year. We aren’t returning. We have found the facilities offered at the larger facility in town more compatible.
I just had to post pictures of Craig’s progress. What was our tv room, then our bedroom is now no more. Gone, wooosh.

At some point all of the demolition will be done and we will just be constructing. My main job is cleaning up behind the guys. It includes two of my favourite things, burn piles and making order out of chaos. I’m not very strong so my slow treks up the hill with the debris are hard on my wrists . But I am on my own clock and work at my own pace. It gives me time to imagine deck planters in my head.
All of the plants Marion gave me in the fall for the driveway are starting to come up. They seem to have survived the perfectly miserable winter and deer nibbles. If I look past the pile of navvy jack, cement, lumber and tools, I can imagine how lovely the rockery garden will be, eventually.
E has now got our house up and running with not only hot running water but the power restored. We were only disconnected from the generator and solar panels for two nights. All of the utilities have been moved to the cabinet in the new bathroom. He even got the washing machine working.
The opening of the local marina will bring a return of the commuter traffic past our house. The fully functioning bathroom comes at a fortuitous time. I won’t be dependant on our outhouse and will be less likely to 
unexpectedly expose myself 

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  1. It’s bizarre how many times we have been exposed out here. There you are, minding your own business and that is precisely the moment kayakers round the point! Face it, MP, you are on the Nature Channel.

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