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Be any better


It was a week of good news after better news after great news.

Although the weather has been perfectly miserable, E has had plenty to keep him busy indoors.

He hooked up the water to the bathroom sink, toilet and bath. With great difficulty he got the on demand water heater working. So, we have hot and cold running water in the house! We were only disconnected for five days.. Pretty darned good…. Even the kitchen sink has water. 

We were in town on the weekend and bought the tile for the bathroom and wood stove. The bathroom tile is a basic white and grey but the tile for under the wood stove is gorgeous! I love it….. it will be a few weeks before we move the stove so it wasn’t urgent to get it just yet.. but I couldn’t resist.

The electrical move is ongoing. At this point everything is disconnected and vacated from the soon to be demolished front room. E is installing it all in the new utility cabinet in the bathroom. The new set up will have the bathroom sink, toilet, bathtub, washing machine, kitchen sink and propane oven within five feet of each other. The on demand propane water heater right beside them and the propane fridge fairly close by. It will be a very simple layout under the house for water and gas supply.

When we left our marina in town on Saturday, a group of seagulls were making a fuss on the water beside the gas barge. They were catching herring off the surface of the water. Within minutes there were six eagles, a turkey vulture and a hawk fishing in front of us. It was a welcome few minutes of spontaneous entertainment and hints that we might soon have a herring spawn in front of our house.

The hummingbirds are back in droves and are emptying the feeder once a day. 

When E finishes slaving today he will be able to have a nice long soak in the new bathtub in the walless bathroom. Walls are over rated compared to the value of hot water and a bath. Could life 

be any better

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2 thoughts on “Be any better

  1. That’s my definition. Mind you, it seems to be better after a hard slogging first. So, slog first, cold beer, shower and nice dinner. Then wildlife. What could possibly be better? Our last few days have also been a hard slog. Sinking, rescuing boat and motor, fixing and all sorts of miserable crap but each day ended with a nice glass of wine and gourmet dinner (all dinners are now gourmet). AND a hot luxurious, decadent shower (all showers are luxuries).

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