Cause we stink

It has been a crazy busy week, with great progress made. On Monday, seven friends showed up for our second concrete pour.

This pour, was for the foundation of the new room. It was a quicker job than the last one, as the access was easier. But still heavy, back breaking work. We are eternally grateful for our friends for without them I would still be dragging buckets of concrete down the hill. We have one more small concrete job ahead of us but not until all of the framing is done.

E has been working on the bathroom, installing the sink, toilet and tub. He disconnected the water two days ago for the crossover and today is trying to hook up the gas on demand water heater. It has been raining off and on. Usually on, when he gets up on the roof to install the chimney for the propane tank.

My job is to deconstruct and burn debris. I must have walked up the hill fifty times yesterday carrying the concrete forms to the burn pile. No need for a stair master around here.

So the project is progressing well. We are optimistic that we will have running water tonight. If not, our dear neighbours have offered their shower. Good thing,

 cause we stink

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