They are back

We haven’t seen whales in front of our house for almost a year. This morning, three herring boats went by, but because there has been no sign of sea lions I don’t think herring season is here yet.

Craig has spent the last few days slaving under the house digging up stumps. The forms have been built around the holes he dug and tomorrow we will pour the concrete foundations for the new room. With a depth of thirty inches we will have a solid anchor attaching us to the island. Not very exciting work,  but the result will be worth its weight in gold.

I tried to stay out of everyone’s way by burning the amassed debris up at the burn pile.  I saved a few posts for a trellis in the garden and when I took them up the hill I found the greenhouse was forty degrees.  Time to start my tomatoes! I planted nine seeds for eight different types of tomatoes. These are seeds I saved myself last summer, so I have no idea if they will take. If I have time Tuesday, I will see if there is anything else I should get started.                                             img_3136-1

E had to run into town at the end of the day and sent me a text message on his way back.

Whales out front!




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