His heart healthy

Two weeks before we go to E’s annual transplant clinic he under goes a complete blood work up. Being the snoopy person that I am, I look at the results on “my ehealth” as soon as they are available. This time, there was a large ugly number in bold which had never been there before. For the last two weeks we have been preoccupied and just a little stressed about the meetings and upcoming testing at the hospital for his 17 year heart transplant checkup.

I had looked up the test and the results on “the google” and it didn’t look good. We headed to the big city accepting the possibility that E might be hospitalized and not come back for a little while. Did I mention we are middle of a reno and I have no walls?
Here is how the conversation went with the Transplant team cardiologist. I paraphrase, but you get the idea.

Dr. (carrying E’s four inch thick medical file).  “Hello there E, and how are you doing?”

E. “I’m great but we are concerned about my blood work.”

Dr. “Well, all your other test results are excellent. We would expect to see this kind of test result in a person who just ran a marathon. Have you been running marathons?”

E. “No. What about pouring concrete and carrying heavy lumber up and down hills and on and off barges… for days and days before the blood test.”

Dr. “That would do it. Good for you. Usually, I am trying to encourage my patients to be more active. Keep it up. But, pace yourself and don’t be taking on these projects in the hot days of summer. See you in six months.”

We have now returned to the island with E’s clean bill of health. I have packed away my worries and will continue taking apart walls and floors.  E will return to what he does best, living a life which keeps his mind engaged, his life stress free and

his heart healthy

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