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March 9th and with all we have to do, it is friggin snowing again.. so I am taking the opportunity to sit by the fire and catch my breath. I am day dreaming. When all is said and done this will be the view from our deck.

Yesterday, E began plumbing the bathroom. He is in his element with this stage of the project. He loves to work on the systems and his back appreciated the rest from the recent physical labour.

I was tasked with cleaning up the mess from the day before. We had stripped the shakes off the little room and begun the demolition. By the time we were finished, Craig couldn’t safely proceed with building the forms for the new room.

So I hauled all the mess through the hole in the wall to the burn pile


The area is now tidy enough for Craig to get in and do what he needs to do. The remaining shakes will be stacked under the house and reused on the new addition between the windows…The trenches you can see are where the forms will be built and the foundations poured for the new room.

This morning, all of the same people who helped pour our foundations met near the firehall to pour the concrete for a new community garage. Eighteen people, three cement mixers, four hours later, and just before the snowfall… project complete. These islanders have a way of

getting things done.



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