Walls and freeze

As this terribly cold winter progresses into March, we continue  with the project at hand.DSCN1508

Today, Craig began framing up the bathroom and cut a hole in the wall for a window. He can’t frame it up completely until we are ready to take out the original bathroom. The objective is to live in the house during the entire renovation with as few days without a bathroom and roof as possible.

E and I began our morning peeling the shakes off the front room. It was windy and cold out on the perch. My hands were killing me from lifting concrete yesterday, so once we were finished I wasn’t really up to doing much more. E and Craig slaved until six. By the time they were done there were holes in walls and piles of debris around the perimeter of the house.

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I promised Craig I would be more productive tomorrow and will get all that mess cleaned up.

E will begin plumbing the new bathroom tomorrow and Craig continues with the front room foundation prep.

E and I are living in a plastic enclosed room with the fireplace. We are quite cozy and warm. But the rest of the house is freezing. As they say, March comes in like a lion so….. it’s a great time to take off your

walls and freeze…

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