don’t tell them

Back in the day, my girlfriends and I would order a giant bran muffin at Binos in Kerrisdale, drink coffee and talk for hours and hours at a time. Waitresses would groan at the sight of us as we occupied the window booth and picked away at our muffins. I loved those muffins and have been looking for the recipe for years.

With a great deal of the supplies on site, it was time to begin the renovation. Twenty seven-year old house.. never too late to pour foundations.

The house was originally built as a summer cabin. Additions over the years included a bedroom, bathroom and back deck. In an attempt to stay in this little house for another twenty or thirty years, we decided, our first addition would be to attach ourselves firmly to the rock. The equipment was set up beside the back deck and the guys began the grungy job of digging a trench around the underside of the house. For an unpleasant job you really can’t beat the view.


Once the trench is dug around the house, forms will be built and the concrete poured on Monday.

I am busy indoors (where its warm) tearing up the flooring. It is a terrible shame to take up the hardwood but it would be impossible to match with the flooring in the new room. So, it has to go.. As flooring goes, the only thing harder than laying flooring is tearing it up.  I am not fast but I plug along at my own pace. It’s quite cathartic.

Today, my pace included taking a break from the work to make some muffins for coffee time. I have found the perfect recipe for bran muffins and they taste just like Binos.  E and Craig thought I was being nice to make muffins. They didn’t suspect that it was my way of delaying the daunting task at hand. So,

don’t tell them…….

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6 thoughts on “don’t tell them

  1. It looks like a huge undertaking, but the reason for this is Binos bran muffins I remember them as a great muffin with lots of butter especially at 2 AM on the way home. Now you said you after much work have discovered the magical recipe, are willing to share so that I may return to my younger years. If you do not want to share I understand I know it was a lot of work for you and I will not think less of you.
    Thank you
    George MacDougall

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