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But everything else


I remember reading a Connolly book years ago (Detective Bosch)  and they inferred that a heart transplant patient had no business sailing his boat offshore… hours away from a hospital. Probably true. In that capacity, it was a question for not only E but for most of us on this island.. how far are we from urgent medical care? 

We had a lot on our plate this week. The barge was coming with the majority of our construction supplies. All of the very few available neighbours came to help off load. Our eldest was available to come and lend a hand too. The objective was to offload the trucks from the barge quickly as the barge has tide constrictions and you are paying by the hour for the driver’s time.

There was a hiccup when the barge was delayed and our very kind friends had to wait around for an extra hour in the cold. But it did arrive. One  barge, carrying a big flat bed truck complete with a crane for the roofing and lumber, a dump truck with eight yards of navvy jack and a one ton truck with ISO board and all of the extra bits. The trucks couldn’t get any closer than the end of the lane at the top of dead truck hill.

John was there with his tractor and log trailer. Craig had his trailer..assorted pickup trucks were lined up along the side of the road… everyone pitched in. Average age sixty six (seventy-one  if you don’t include our son)  most of it was done in three hours. John worked another two hours today bringing the navvy jack down to the house.. the day couldn’t have gone better. If it wasn’t for our neighbours and friends we would still be out there.

The day before barge day I woke up with kidney stones. We left PC at 7:25… dodged the 7:45 BC ferry and zipped into our new marina..E dropped me at the emergency door and paid for parking at 8:15.. they took me right away and I was on morphine within minutes..Living off grid and that kind of medical care and availability is pretty reassuring…. although I don’t recommend testing it out for yourself.

So now I’m healthy and the supplies are all here for the renovation project. There is nothing left to do 

but everything else

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Holy crap !! Glad you made it. Been there done that .. not nice. Very exciting that the project begins.

  2. Wow! To everything! Feel better and good luck on everything!

  3. With everything going on I’m glad you found time to write this post. You really don’t have enough going on! The island is certainly a good way to stay young in spirit. I’m impressed.

  4. Your life is one big adventure! Glad you’re better and all is well😊

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