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The new look


And so we began our 37th Valentines with a goal. Our project d’jour.? Clean up the mess.
We started at 9:30 and finished around 4….. We are thoroughly exhausted. Our backs are older than we are and some of those ends were freaking heavy. I rolled them up off the deck up to E, and he rolled them up the ramp … Between the two of us we got a pretty good rhythm going and it seemed to go fairly smoothly. There was a lot of grunting.
Seven truck loads of rounds have now been added to the enormous pile already at the top of the driveway ready to be split. A great project for our sons when they visit.
The burn pile now, at 6 pm is almost down to ash. I am a big fan of revolving burn piles. We burn debris as near as we can safely to where the branches fall.  When it’s cool the ashes will go into the garden and you will never be able to tell the fire was there.
It’s raining now, perfect timing.
At the end of the day, we sat by the fire, beers in hand and we watched a tugboat. The tug  crossed from its usual path to the narrows. It had no boom attached and came at full speed straight toward our house. I guess these tugs that pass us every day are the same tugs and notice us like we do them. This captain zoomed right up to the house, tooted his horn and waved. I guess he approves of 
the new look

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  1. Looks like Frank has been replaced…..

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