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My friend came over yesterday to borrow some mason jars.  My friend, let’s call her Eileen was witness to my lack of preparedness for the coming demolition of my kitchen. She is too polite to say anything but it’s fairly safe to say she was appalled. Although,I had several bins filled with canned goods, I had barely made a dent in the pantry stores. The problem, you see, is I have nowhere to put anything. Well that and I just have no actual oomph these days. Although I did get to play the word oomph in Scrabble this afternoon.

My mother’s  garage is still filled with boxes of our crap from the family home. The studio here is filled with boxes we have brought over to try to empty her garage. They sit, in the studio piled haphazardly in a random dump and dash kind of format. Bins and bins of children’s books sit beside puzzles, chainsaws and Christmas decorations. I haven’t looked at half of it for five years and it will probably still be up there when our kids are selling the house in the estate sale.

We made some headway today. We will be pouring actual foundations under the house, so E tidied up under there. He emptied two truck loads of stuff out from under the house and mapped out the plumbing and wiring for the new bathroom.  I filled more boxes and he took two truck loads up the driveway to the studio.. I expect he pushed the boxes into the studio, slammed the door and ran….

In the kitchen, there is still junk everywhere, the counters are covered. There is nothing to wrap my knick nacks or dishes in until we get to the store on Thursday. With a very low tolerance for mess. .. I am uncomfortable. I will probably have to lower that bar for the next few months..

But now its 6pm. We have had a good days work, the fire is warm and my wine poured. There is a dull thrum of two tug boats as they pass in front of me.


Tonight, I will continue with my on-line scrabble game with Anne. I have several games on the go with some of the women on the island. We play a game which has a “teacher” aspect to it. After I play my turn the teacher tells me if I had the best word or what word I could have put down. In truth, I am not emotionally affected by how many games I win or lose. If I was,  I would never get out of bed. But I like see an increase in positive comments from the teacher.. This morning I missed a 92 point word with a 6 point word. The teacher had

a sad face emoticon.







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  1. Funny that, I thought you were getting very well organized in the house with places to put everything. The studio on the other hand…… I think if you put anything else in there the island will sink! Seriously this is a Virgo planner’s dream. I’ve got energy right now. Allow me to help you sort out the studio. I promise not to be appaulled😇

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