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It has been


There have been times in the last few days when I haven’t ventured outside. Sami, our dog, did not go out to pee yesterday until 4pm! He was under the blanket on my lap hiding from the snow, sleet and rain.

When we did go up the Lane the slush was 5 inches deep…not a pleasant walk at all. 

I am supposed to be packing up the inside of the house but I am not getting anywhere….I am expecting a giant burst of energy imminently….if not today maybe tomorrow.

We have the tree fallers coming on Monday to murder two threatening trees on our deck. One is growing through the roof… It is unfortunate that they have to go but life is tough when you are a tree. There are three levels of tree fallers we use here requiring three levels of skill.

There are the easy trees which E is comfortable doing. Then there are the tall ones that need to be topped, which are done quite skillfully by a guy who comes from a neighbouring island… Then, there are the precarious scary ones which are growing through our deck and over our house. We call a very expensive crew for job like this. They have done work for us before, that no one else would do.. We trust them. 

Monday, there is no wind or snow and it is expected to be quite warm. Ideal conditions. E has to pick them up in town and bring them over for the day. It is 1600.00 for the whole day. No partial days. If by some miracle they finish the two on the deck early, we have others to fill their time.

Hosting the tree fallers on Monday is the second step in our house renovation. The first step was taken this week when we put in the order for our roofing and all of the accompanying construction supplies… Eek there is no going back now…

I’m guessing for the next few months the blog is going to be a lot about the challenges, joys and sorrows of renovating a house off grid on an island. I’m hoping more joys than sorrows. In the meantime the sun is out, and our solar panels are charging nicely.

My view from the perch is considerably brighter than

 it has been

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Beautiful view. Sorry about the trees. Is it possible to reuse a part of them to make a bench or table to keep them as a part of your home?

    • Thank you,
      Unfortunately I expect when they take them down we will discover they are completely rotten inside. Hence, the worry of them hanging over the house..
      They don’t look terribly healthy from the outside… We have no way of cutting them below the deck so they will always be a part of the deck. If not rotten, they will be tables
      and if they are hollow, planters!!! pictures will follow on Monday with the results.

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