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is morning


So apparently I was wrong and “they” were right.

I went to sleep last night star gazing through the window above my bed. I woke up to a cocoon of snow. So before I had my coffee I walked around the property and took pictures.. For the record its been four years since I have seen snow here.. This is what my world looks like this morning..

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You can’t blame me for being doubtful about the snow forecast… Here is a picture of  my wee hummingbird yesterday afternoon2017-02-01-14-58-07


then this morning.



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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “is morning

  1. Never criticize optimism. It’s a good thing. Close relation to hope. Usually as wrong as wrong can be but still worth doing. Without it, where would the casino business be? It’s what voting is based on. It’s why people go on dates. It’s why old people still buy green bananas. And it’s why some lunatics plan their garden on February 1st. Good on ya.

  2. Send Mr. RUfus this way! Just filled up the feeder! Enjoy the day

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