still be gardening

At any given point we can check four or five different weather forecasts for this island and get four or five different predictions. On more than one occasion we have cancelled a planned trip because of the wind forecast, only to find the waters flat calm. At the end of the day we just don’t plan any trip that can’t be rescheduled. Our days are always flexible.

Tomorrows weather forecast is for snow. Today we had blue skies and sunshine. The waters glassy calm…  It is very hard to believe we have snow in store for us for the weekend.2017-01-31-15-10-10

But, I take nothing for granted and as I hate bringing wood down the hill in the rain let alone snow I spent the morning bringing loads and loads of wood down to the house. I stocked the wood bin on the deck and piled arbutus limbs nice and high beside the wood stove inside. If the forecasters are accurate we will be cozy and warm. If they aren’t we can resume our outdoor projects.

Plans are getting finalized for a pretty major reconstruction of our wee cabin. We have the help of experts. Men who have been involved in construction their whole lives and know this house inside and out. Measurements have been made, plans drawn and a model built. The supply list has been submitted and a barge booked to bring roofing and construction materials over in one load. (it’s a small house) ….

E will do all of the system work, plumbing and electrical. He will also do all of the finishing work (tiling, flooring and drywall). But for the framing and carpentry the pros will be in charge. One of my jobs, cause I do serve a purpose in this whole project is to pack up the interior of the house and figure out some way for us to live our day-to-day lives during the disruption.

We will be cooking our dinners on the barbecue, sleeping in a tent, and cleaning out the cobwebs from the outhouse. It will all be an adventure… very exciting indeed. We are actually taking the roof off of the middle of the house!!!!


Today, I finished planting all of the iris down the driveway so now if the weather turns I will get to work packing up the house. Or if the weather forecasters are wrong, I will try to get my seed trays ready for the greenhouse. Cause reno or not… This summer, I will

still be gardening


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