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On my part


This is how we got our truck to the island. Hey, someone was watching from above..        Hi.. I didn’t see you there… 🙂2017-01-27-13-13-33

The truck was filled with soil for my garden. Bark mulch to top dress the flower garden. ProMix for my seedlings. Peat moss and potting soil for the rockery planters.

We have sooo much to do to get ready for our little spring reno but before we get started we need to finish all of the projects which we have already started. To that end, yesterday I finished the majority of the tidying up I wanted to get done on the driveway. Today,  I was filling the rockery planters with soil and E was attaching the shingles to the greenhouse.

Tomorrow, I will move more Iris down to the rockery planters.img_1711 I have lots of types and colours to divide and spread around. The deer don’t eat them and they require no work

on my part.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “On my part

  1. Dudette! It’s barely February! Don’t you ignore the garden til mid March like sane people?

  2. Jealous… the smell of soil, the planting of new beds… . I heard it may snow in Nanaimo on Friday… is that true? If so, knit some plant sweaters ! Greenhouse looking very cool

    • I figure if I am out there, the hyacinth will want to come up to see me:)…..

      snow??? Madness..its spring here:)

      My seed order should be here today..that green house has four weeks to get finished……..

      I somehow ordered two packs of dill pickle cukes. Do you want one?


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