strong silent type

Beautiful day on the island. Helps you forget about the last four months.. It was eight degrees here at the north end with plenty of sun to fill up our batteries via the solar panels. Solar panels by definition need sun!


Our property is pretty messy without our attention for the last couple of months. Out of sight out of mind. But now that we are back, I can’t stand it!… The leaves from the maple trees didn’t even get raked in the fall. I can’t imagine what Mr. Ho thinks when he has his daily constitutional past the debris.

I got a pretty good start on the clean up today. Mostly around the studio, but a little tidying in the garden too.. I had a nice walk through the garden. The fish have fared well through the cold spell. There were lots and they are getting big!  No garlic yet but no surprise as I planted it a month late.

For those who haven’t met Frank, he and his dog Beans are our resident skeletons. They attend most of the official island functions to reduce any predisposition for formality. The women folk and I found Frank,  on the side of the road one day and we gave him a home. Beans was a birthday gift to E but really more to Frank for company. Frank  ‘n Beans helped me up at the burn pile today while E went to town.

We never knew what happened to Frank, that his bones would be cast aside on the road to the pub. But he is a nice companion to work with.. Kind of the

strong silent type.




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