Making Wendy smile

When I was in high school, or as I like to think of it, yesterday; I was a member of what they called at the time, Girls League. Although it seems like only yesterday I cannot for the life of me remember our purpose other than selling glazed donuts at recess for a dime.

I met her in girls league. She was also the editor of the newspaper. Her dream, I remember was to go to Carleton and train to be a journalist. But, she became very ill in grade twelve. As I remember it, the doctors told her it was unlikely she would live through her twenties and journalism school would be pointless. 

She married young and had difficulties having children… Difficulties didn’t stop her so she took fertility drugs to solve the problem…. Three healthy children later she met her thirties… I had to take the same drugs and I can still remember sharing the stories of the horror our husbands had to live through with the insane mood swings. There is a roof somewhere that still bares the scar of an airborn roller skate.

She met her forties with more health scares and saw her children married in her fifties. Through the years,  I have lost track of the types of disease she has fought and conquered. Truth is, we had lost contact for the last few years and I have relied on our mutual friend for updates on her life. 

I was speaking with our mutual friend today who informed me she has been forwarding my blog to her for entertainment while she is at home fighting yet again another challenge. I am writing tonight to virtually send a hug and share strength to my friend from girls league. I am confident you will once again give the finger to your doctors and their prognoses.

I couldn’t be more honoured and pleased that somewhere in Alberta my blog is 

making Wendy smile.

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