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Into each other


This morning we have had sea lions, seals, otters, cormorant, hummingbirds and Eagles.. All playing in front of us.. Sigh, it’s good to be home..

On our wee island we now have fifty trucks. Most sit covered in dust til their owners show up for summer vacation. Nine times out of ten the batteries are dead when their owners return. But a few are driven regularly back and forth from the dock to our cabins. They carry propane, wood, lumber, piping and soil…they carry guests, dogs, Windows and 1000 gallon water tanks. Our truck has to be a 4×4 to get up our driveway. A trailer hitch is ideal cause at any given time you will have to pull something or someone…

When we bought this house we inherited a very old truck. The R’s were apologetic that it may never run. But run it did. We have changed the alternator and the battery many times. E had to bolt parts together when they fell apart but.. By and large the filthy old girl has been very reliable.. It’s been five years. She’s been good girl…

My sister in law called this week. Her neighbour wanted to sell his truck. She thought it would be perfect for us..E went over to town today and was more than pleased with the truck and the price..

Now we have to barge it over here… Always a complicated process. I am determined to fill it with potting soil and pro mix before it comes.. Drive the supplies straight to my greenhouse door 😉

The story goes, that back in the day, in the beginning when there were only two trucks on the island… They ran 

into each other…

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “Into each other

  1. Ah good – easily identifiable….. nobody else as a bug deflector!

  2. Regarding the car accident, one of the drivers was the very talented crafter Charlotte Taylor. After the accident she made two license plates: “IRAMU” and “URAMME”, or something to that effect.

  3. Don’t know what we would do without a truck. Plants to farmers market, furniture to vintage shows. Junking sales. Just wish it wasn’t such a gas hog!

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