the nature channel

We have said goodbye to the family property. 2017-01-06-09-15-42

and we are home.. Finally, back to my window… back to my eagles and sea lions and our to-do list.  My sit me down is firmly planted in my chair with a glass wine by the window.

I have come to an understanding with Telus about our data situation.. They agreed I use a lot of data. I agreed I pay a lot of money for the data and we both agreed I needed a new plan. Soooo very much like Mary’s xplorenet plan without the installation hassle.  We now have a Telus smart hub.. For 75.00 per month, we get 250 gigs of data…!!!!  250 gigs!!!!         I will be downloading kitten videos left right and centre…. The caveat being there is no data unless we are in the house or near by the smart hub… But that’s doable.. I don’t need to be looking at cat videos when I am in the garden or on the boat…our total cell bill should be half of last years total.

What I do need to do is to get to work on my project for John and now that I have data, I should be able to accomplish a bit more than the nothing I have achieved so far. It takes a lot of data to research old newspapers and download old pictures…. I have no excuse now…

I also now have the data to show you more pictures of what is going on here on the nature channel. The sea lions have arrived and although a few are traipsing past my window most are rafted up outside the narrows… I have every expectation that we will have an exciting herring season this year. It has been three years since the last and the build up of sea lions is a very good indicator.

Driving through Northumberland last week the sea lions blanketed the surface of the water. I was sure we were going to hit one as we tried to make our way through the hordes…

and so in summary.. We are back, the sea lions are back, the eagles are back.. We are all back and with virtually unlimited data… I have no reason to not keep you full updated on our life on

the nature channel

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