All systems go

We leave today on our journey. We will be off island for eight nights. Sami will hold down the fort with Mr. Ho’s supervision. 

We will have some time today in town to run a few errands. We are going to buy all of the remaining supplies E will need to finish my greenhouse and store them on the boat for our return trip. The greenhouse has sat so lonely all winter begging to have its shingles installed. Planting season will soon be here and I am eager to get busy with my experimenting. I call it experimenting as I am growing almost everything from the seeds I collected from last years crops. That, and I don’t really know what I’m doing..I have never had a greenhouse before. It will be interesting to see how long I can extend my growing season…

Mary gave me two stained glass windows, which I haven’t had time to throughly look at yet, or appreciate  and I need to figure out where they are going to go in the garden… I am thinking I will insert them into the wire fencing….man I want to get back to my garden!

When we were down at our house yesterday I saw daffodils poking out of the ground. The climbing hydrangea here has buds on it and there were seventy sea lions at the narrows on Friday.. Could spring here be far off? I say here, because where we are heading is the definition of a Canadian winter. Snow and minus 30…

The septic has had its five year maintenance and the milder temps indicate no cause for freezing pipes in our empty houses. Soho is sold and packed up. The crew will be gone from our place this week. Eileen will light a fire in our stove to warm our house for our return. The ice is thawed at the harbour and there are calm seas for safe travel.

When we get home we can focus on OUR projects. There is nothing  more we can do to prepare. 

All systems go.

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