Since you left

December for E and I has always been about decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping. Entertaining with a house full of family and friends filled our days. Building the annual gingerbread house was a tradition for E and the kids. (complete with lighting and stained glass windows) This year, there are none of those activities.

We have been huddled around the kitchen airtight stove at SoHo in the last week. The heating of this big house has long been an issue further complicated by a “broken” living room fireplace. We were entertained by watching the birds on the deck as we sat tucked into the nook waiting for the livingroom to reach an acceptable temperature 18C min preferably 20C.

Yesterday, we were held in the nook until noon. This morning 8am and I am already able to move around the house unencumbered by a great giant blanket. The temps are so much higher today. I think it is up from -4 to plus 4. That is a big difference not only for my old bones but for our wee birds.

Most of my time for the last few days has been spent seeing to their needs. Boiling water in the kettle on the stove to continuously thaw the bird bath or to bring the hummingbird feeder in the house repeatedly to thaw for our two hearty remaining Annas. The three types of seed I put out doesn’t seem to give enough variety so I peel and separate mandarin oranges for the Tohees. I have found they also like grapes and sliced apples.

We leave the island for four days of Christmas this week and are hoping the weather will cooperate to let us off safely. Today it is flat seas and clear blue skies.

We are staying in a suite of a really nice hotel in the big city for Christmas. I phoned the Concierge and told him my sad tale of not having a family home to host a Christmas dinner for my kids. Oh, he says we have a turkey to your door offer that will solve your problem. A full turkey dinner with all of the fixings, complete with an 18 pound turkey and cranberry cheesecake delivered to our suite whenever we want.

Our daughter is working on the downtown eastside from midnight to 7am on Christmas day and then again from four to midnight. E and I will drive her to and from work in an attempt to steal a few minutes with her on Christmas Day. We have ordered the turkey dinner to our suite on Boxing Day. This Christmas, will be very different but we will all be together with my Mom on Christmas Eve and as a family on Boxing Day. As one child said. “Christmas hasn’t been the same

since you left.”






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