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No longer SoHo


When we moved here full time and retained joint ownership in the family cabin, the islanders began to call the family house SoHo (South house). The island had grown tired (E and I especially) of explaining or asking where we were when people were looking for us. We had more than one lost dinner guest and missed out on a whale notification because we were at the different house than expected.  The questions were always where are you? Your Dads? The R’s old house? Your new house? Your old house? ….. E’s family hates the name SoHo but they weren’t living here full time amid confusion and let’s be honest what could have become utter chaos.

In addition to a lifetime of memories in this house with Papa, Guy and our children growing up, We have had some great parties at SoHo. It is a huge house that sleeps fourteen with a large front lawn and low bank beach access. We had Alison’s surprise flash mob party, E’s sixtieth with a sit down dinner for sixty on the lawn, countless smaller parties and dinner parties for up to nineteen at the table. Lots of room, lots of laughs. It’s been good.

Tonight, we had our last party there. (or here as we are still in residence while ours is rented to the crew) We have sold our interest in the family property to E’s youngest sister. Beginning in January she is taking over sole ownership of the property. This decision has been difficult for us and the main contributing factor to my less than happy camper status for the last couple of months.

But life goes on and we are now quite excited about the renovations which we will be undertaking at our place in the spring. We need to add a bit more accomodation for  our three kids and any guests who may come to our tiny wee one bedroom cabin. So for all the islanders, beginning in January, you can call this house the M’s, it will be 

no longer SoHo

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

2 thoughts on “No longer SoHo

  1. Congratulations on entering a new chapter in your life. I’ll look forward to seeing the changes you’ll make to the Wee House on the Cliff – maybe you’ll have think up a new name for it?!

  2. That must have been a very difficult decision, but now you can make the renovations to your wee house on the hill. I’m sure it will be exciting and fun!

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