To “No worries”

My children grew up watching Lion King and Land Before Time. I grew up watching the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour and Gilligans Island. Two very different messages were delivered subconsciously to the young viewers minds. Our children also watched Mr. Bean, Perry Mason and Friends…I haven’t yet seen any evidence how those shows affected them. None of them are lawyers or idiots. They do in fact have friends but that would have probably happened even if they didn’t watch  Rachel and her pals. 

I tried to write a new blog post four or five times this afternoon. Instead I stared into space. Normally at this time of year I would be planning the garden, raking leaves for the compost, quilting or stacking wood with E. I haven’t even planted the garlic yet.  It should have gone in the ground at the full moon two weeks ago.

I am very behind in my chores. My son, who never worries about anything, ever, says to me.. “So this year, you will buy garlic from the store”.  He has never worried a minute in his life and has the attitude that “everything will work out”.. I know he’s my son (I was there when he was born) but sometimes I wonder. I am surrounded by a husband and three kids who don’t worry, ever!!! Not once did E ever consider the possibility that his medical issues wouldn’t be resolved. 

I envy their attitude and have absolutely no idea how to change sixty years of worrying and planning every single detail of my life to an attitude of calm faith that everything will be okay.

Sure, I have been able to free up my mind of most of my worries living here. It’s been a very obvious help to my propensity for sadness. But, old habits die hard and like a crack addict if I stumble across something to worry about I let it consume my life. That road runner was pretty obsessed too and he had a lot to worry about. Don’t get me started on pour Gilligan…

How my life would have been so different if I had grown up singing Hakuna Matata like my kids. Hakuna Matata for those who don’t know translates 

to “No Worries”

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