John has provided

After yet another scare with my ninty five year old Mom, she is back home again and so am I. Both of us lucky to have my siblings taking such good care of her that she was able to demand to go home so that she can “watch the election from my own living room.” After a lifetime standing on the front lines demanding equality for women she has no intention of departing this world before she sees a woman elected President of the United States.

I use the term back home loosely as I am not at my favourite happy place, sitting on the perch watching the sea life. We are instead on a winter vacation at the family home at the other end of the island. How we find ourselves here on an unplanned vacation is a long story, but as it turns out staying here at the larger house was more suitable to entertain our eldest and his girlfriend.

The weather hasn’t been the best but we were able to have a bonfire down by the waters edge and clean up some of the maple leaf carpet on the front lawn.. There are plenty more leaves to be raked up on the driveway and put on the compost and if the rain stays away this week I might get to it.. The garden is in desperate need of attention here, so maybe I will get to it.. Maybe I won’t.. I have a lot of quilting to do…

I don’t really trust myself with quilting anything important these days though. My mind is full of nonsense and I’m finding it hard to concentrate. I choose ¬†instead to hide from the world, by the fire until I have my wits about me…

John has been clearing some land up by the Firehall and offered the wood to those who are willing to do the work involved in getting it to their homes.. This is a huge favour he is doing for all of us. Our eldest and E are there alongside everyone else bucking the wood. We need wood for our house and SoHo, you can never have too much. It would be ideal to have at least three years supply on hand.. Everyone and I mean everyone is appreciative and eager to fill their wood sheds with the abundance which

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John has provided.

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