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Friends, season one


Solar panels aren’t much help when it’s raining all day. And it has rained for four days. So we run the generator in the morning. While it runs, we pump water and use the electric coffee pot. (How posh!)…. That tops us up for the day and leaves us some juice to watch the Toronto Blue Jays on TV in the evening. 

I started another quilt on Sunday. Anne’s friend came to the island this summer and offered to bring material to the quilters from her home in Indonesia. Really reasonably priced batiks. I asked for shades of blue.. Naive me should have asked for much more but I’m new at this and didn’t want to appear greedy. It is beautiful material. I am making a lap throw. No more queen size quilts for me! Too heavy. New shoulder or not, I still procrastinate finishing my daughters queen size quilt cause it weighs a ton. 

We got our chores done in the morning and came home in the early afternoon to avoid the returning rains.. While it poured outside I was cutting and pinning my quilt squares as much as I could without an iron. Kathy joined me to begin her first cross stitch  project. I pulled out my UFO bag  (unfinished  objects). I haven’t finished the cross stitch I started for my twenty five year old daughter’s first birthday. (I didn’t really do toys or Disney)  Between  us we figured out how to get Kathy going on her granddaughters cross stitched present.

I thought I would iron my squares in the morning when the generator is going. But lo and behold, around 4pm the sun came out and topped up the batteries, with power to spare for the iron. I am way ahead of any imaginary schedule on the quilt because of those rays  of sunshine. 

Very excited for November to arrive. Our eldest son is coming to see us for a week. E hasn’t seen him since Christmas.. The other two came for Thanksgiving  but we had to wait for wild fire season to end to have a visit from eldest. He can help E with all the heavy lifting jobs on our to do list.

I have every confidence Kathy will be more successful with her grand daughters present than I was.. Instead of a beautiful cross stitch my daughter got a Fischer Price  tape recorder and a soundtrack tape of 

Friends, season one. 

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “Friends, season one

  1. OMG!!! The apocalypse we have been expecting is coming by way of quilting! Its like Ebola in fabric! God save us from this tsunami of sewing. And-just for the record-quilting is about sewing something from rags and worn-outs. So why are we budgeting for quilting fabric? You and my wife….and a gazillion others…..WTH! Baby boomers with self-made blankets! And lots of them. Who expected this?

    • I didn’t get it either then I guess I drank the kool aide….
      In truth I can’t read a book a day for the rest of my life, although my mother continues the habit at 95.
      I figured it was time i learned to create something:)…
      Just go with it. Happy wife. Happy life;)

  2. Love the fabric ! Not only do we buy fabric for quilts, but then cut it up and sew it back together LOL That’s going to be a beautiful lap quilt !

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