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My squares done


I finished my third quilt square this morning. It went very well. I need to get it checked by the women who actually know what they are doing before I volunteer to do any more. There were no outside jobs planned today as we hunkered down in preparation of the impeding storm. The rain water flowing down our driveway today was quite impressive. 

Although we live on the edge of a cliff and sit fairly well exposed to the sea and wind, we have a lovely rock face near us that sticks out and gives us a little protection from the south east winds. We are tucked into the Lea and it favours us well in some of the winter storms.. That being said.. We were hit full on once the storm came straight from the south tonight at 8pm.

It wasn’t as strong as predicted but very entertaining just the same. Although it was dark out we were able to see the waves as they were probably 6 or 8 feet and the seas were white.. Gusting 90 km.  As it was a high tide the waves seemed pretty darn close. Fun!!!! . Unlike our friends and family who sit in the dark in Vancouver, we still have all of the power we always have.. Which is none.. What we do have is our generator, and batteries and a very nicely functioning off grid system of electrical support.  So we watched a movie.

It was an risky choice for a night with a storm warning for two people who spend a fair amount of time commuting across the water.  The movie was a recommendation from our friends (thanks Don and Marion)… The Finest Hours, it’s very good. Kind of a mix of The Titanic and a Perfect Storm with less singing. I have to say when I watched it, it didn’t make me more nervous living here but I felt better about the storms we face on our waters.  It’s really quite incredible how much abuse these boats can take and once you have confidence in your boat the world is your Oyster.. (Or something)…. Our waters are never anything like in the movies. When they are , I am at home in front of the fire watching from safety. But we do go across on rougher seas than I would have imagined. My comfort level with rough weather on the water is definately increasing the longer we live here. 

I don’t worry much living here but when I do worry it is usually more about falling trees and rocks. Oh, and the fact that our house is likely to slide of the cliff if given any inclination at all… But, I take solace in the fact that we will likely go together and it’s been a good life. Rumours are untrue that we sleep with life jackets on and oars beside our bed.. I’m not one to live in fear but I do believe in being prepared.  So, if we should find ourselves floating down the channel tomorrow, never to be seen again at least the women can say I left with

My squares done

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  1. Whoa, seriously dramatic picture!!! Glad you are getting more used to big seas when crossing. Can’t say I ever got used to it completely, and I still remember several crossings vividly (like the time AB was driving the boat and told the 4 of us to put on lifejackets and H and D, the little guys, teared up a bit in fear). I also learned that it’s just fine to decide it’s a good night to stay over in The Nan (or on Gabe) if you get to the boat and the seas just look TOO daunting to risk it. We are both glad to hear that you are a-okay on the island after the storm!

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