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Sends us afloat


One of your easier jobs….Weather forecaster in San Diego.. “Today it will be sunny” “Tomorrow it will be sunny” “Five day forecast? Sunny..” “Long range forecast?  Sunny with brighter periods of sun during the mid day” Not so easy on the Pacific West Coast today . While it isn’t unusual to have heavy rain and lots of it, we are currently in the middle of a three consecutive storm onslaught. We have had two days of heavy rain. We woke to thunder and lightening this morning and the winds are picking up. Tomorrow it will be worse.. The third storm is the tail end of a typhoon which may or may not come straight at us..

Nothing more dangerous on this island as the first storm of the winter.. The tree roots which spent a summer in dry earth, are now hit with a deluge of heavy rain, followed by two days of crazy winds.. There will be trees down. Many of us work during the year to remove the potential murderers before they kill us… No one wants to take a tree down, but sometimes it is a necessity. E will travel with the chainsaw in our truck for the next couple of days to clear the road if necessary.. The island beaver is likely to have some help from the wind on his project.

No one is on the water that doesn’t have to be. I understand even the ferry is sitting off of Tsawwassen unable to dock. E and I and the dog are snuggled by the fire. I have my marine radio on to listen to the brave souls who are out there.. Apparently there is a kayaker missing.. What the hell was he thinking??

My contribution to the island raffle prize quilt was, I thought finished. I noticed this morning that I had sewn one of  my three squares to the back, backwards.. Sigh.. It’s a problem apparently. So I tore it all out and it is sitting on the kitchen table until I gather the will to go back and start it again.. I will be buying a lot of raffle tickets for this years prize because despite my contribution the quilt is going to be gorgeous. (The perfect greyish one is Mary’s)

We felt no guilt at 1pm when we felt the urge for a wee sip of something. It is, after all why we have it in the house.. For days such as these. Huge white caps in front of us and waves crashing on the rocks below me as I sit in the window seat which hangs off the rocks.. Thanks to those who have called to see if we are still on the right side of the water…we are safe and well and will remain indoors, dry and storm watching until such time as the wind blows us off the cliff and 

sends us afloat

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Wet but ‘normal’ for us, up these here parts. Wind no more than 15kmh…sometimes even calm. I guess the storms just missed us. Hope Saturday’s does, too. Gotta go out on the water tomorrow. Not yet the time of year for the chainsaw-in-the-truck but getting close. There are some weird syndromes out here though, aren’t there…? Almost seasonal. The lone kayaker in the storm is a regular occurrence. So is the German tourist off the tour bus getting eaten by a bear, the child in the backyard almost carried off by a cougar, Pit Bull attacks and roads washed out in a place never washed out before….and, of course, 30,000 homes without power……every few weeks, it seems……

    • My brother sent me a suggestion for a wind ap for my phones. It’s called Windy and is really cool for tracking the storm.. Still hoping tomorrow’s misses us… Chances are good either way… It’s good entertainment when you don’t need to go out in it.. Stay safe…

  2. We are way inland but still getting mighty gusts and torrential rains.
    Farmers almanac says lots of storms for the coast this winter. We are supposed to be milder then normal with more moisture. We shall see.
    My son who has a place in the woods has been scouting for those dangerous trees also.
    I see Long Beach,WA where I grew up has warnings of gusts to 95 mph.
    Not good when the ferry can’t dock.
    When we lived in Port Alice and had to take that ferry there were times they couldn’t get docked and had to sling the car over to shore. Not fun!
    Stay safe and have a sip for me.
    P.S. That quilt is fabulous!

    • I love the storm watching but sometimes those trees seem pretty scary when the branches start hitting the roof… One advantage of relying on our own boats to get to the island is not relying on the ferry.. On the other hand it would sure be nice some times to drive to our door… Thanks for following.. Stay dry!!!

  3. Stay safe! We’re on the Oregon coast … about seven miles west of Astoria. It is pretty wet and gusty here, too. I think we’re getting the same storms πŸ™‚ I’ve been watching the trees surrounding our house with a wary eye, but despite that I do love a good storm! I think it comes naturally to those born in the Pacific Northwest.

    • I love watching the storms but when the wind gets much past 50km it’s unnerving for sure….We aren’t well tied down:). Could get to 110km late this afternoon… I have my baileys so I’m set πŸ™‚

      (We spent a wonderful weekend in Astoria in the early 80’s.. Pretty area!)

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