Trump gets his

Oh how I look forward to October 1st. The fire ban is finally lifted and I can clean up the mess which accumulates around the property over the summer. Old cardboard, Arbutus leaves, twigs and fallen branches are finally dealt with. The ashes from this burn pile will be used as fill between the large boulders along the driveway. I can’t used Arbutus leaves in the compost as they are toxic. The next burn pile can deal with the November leaves from the Maple trees and Garry Oak. Those ashes will be welcome in the compost.

We woke to rain this morning, so coffee shop at Anne’s was inside. When we came out, the sun had broken through and our scheduled indoor chores were set aside for the burn pile. I wore through yet another pair of gardening gloves. I can not tell you how many pairs I have worn through since we got here. Women’s gloves particularly size small are ridiculously poorly made. Men’s are so much sturdier. It drives me crazy that the glove bosses feel my gardener hands are only picking posies.

We had lunch on the perch, it could have been the middle of August. Tonight I am going shopping on line for new work gloves. I am going to see if I can find where 

Trump gets his.                  dscn0474

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