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 Romantic will do


Our visit to the city where we both grew up continues. We visited with my Mom as soon we got in… As a daughter who has  a great Mom will do.

We had a lovely visit with our ex-neighbours who have a gorgeous garden, a beautiful wine selection and a natural flair for hospitality. We left with a car filled with perennial divisions for my island garden. Marion shared her favourites with me.. As most kind gardeners will do.

I had my hair cut and braided. As a woman who hasn’t seen a hairdresser since Christmas will do.

We saw our favorite dentist, hygienists and office staff for a crown and a six month cleaning. As a well-trained patient will do.

We are now in a Starbucks drinking coffee…. As all Vancouverites will do, as we wait to take our daughter to dinner.. As all loving parents will do….

But the highlight!   We just came from Queen Elizabeth park where we placed our lock on the new love lock statue. As all the hopelessly

romantic will do                                         img_2186


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Ahhh – lovely! I haven’t seen that – will have to go over there and check it out. Wow, your mom is 95 and still doing well I hope. Mine is 93 and still playing golf and bridge.

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