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Carry my size


There is nothing worse than having your car battery die in the ferry line up.. Well I guess there is… War,  locusts, Trump, but for today, in my little world, it’s the dead battery. Nice deckhand at the terminal came by and gave us a jump so we wouldn’t miss the boat.

No, hell hasn’t frozen over. I’m not going to the big city voluntarily. We are heading to the city for E’s bi annual check up at the heart transplant clinic. The timing is perfect. We like to hear confirmation of his good health before we begin another winter on our little island, and we get to see my Mom on her 95th birthday. 

It is always quite surreal when we walk into the clinic. Months spent visiting various practitioners both before and immediately after his transplant are memories which rarely come to mind. Today, I remember sitting in the heart biopsy waiting room in 1999 and there was a man beside us who was six years post transplant and I was so excited.. Six more years with E.. Imagine that?….  Yesterday, I remembered how he needed a nap every day for the first ten years post transplant.. Now, living on the island we are able to pace ourselves. We can blend our lifestyle with our physical and mental limitations.

Our schedule is packed. In 48 hours we will manage to put a fair amount of miles on a car which usually sits in parking lot dust for 28 days a month. So, as E got a new heart in 1999, the car will get a new battery. But first I have to go shopping at the ferry gift shop. It is literally the only place I have bought clothes in four years cause Canadian Tire doesn’t 

Carry my size


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6 thoughts on “Carry my size

  1. Moira, you continue to make me smile and laugh with your stories and endings. Not the heart bit though. That bit makes me thankful for life, lifestyle and modern medicine.

  2. You are so funny. The ferry lineup story reminds me of an embarrassing moment at the Gabe ferry lineup yesterday as we walked S round the small parking area. A kind ferry person had put out a bowl of water and thirsty as she was, she gulped it down – too fast. She then proceeded to vacate the entire amount of water – along with some yellow stuff, right in front of the cars!!! We of course thought it was contaminated, but no she said, she had just filled it from a tap. Oh well, worse things can happen, like wars, BH closing, Trump, pouring rain when you need to offload 10 bags of garbage at the dock and then get it to your truck.

  3. Curious about the island. Which one? We have a place on Saturna Island. May not be a patch on your situation but we do depend on catchment water, and a lot of other stuff. We’re still sorta in development and the blog is in ‘beta’ stage, if that moniker still hss any relevance. No idea.

    • Just a little north of you…. Thanks for reading. The whole blog thing has been a learning experience. I just manage the basics… Beta is the perfect word.. Not sure if I will ever get past that stage either….

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