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On a bra


It rained last night. First real rain in a long time. My friends who have no well but catch rain water are happy, my plants are happy, my dog not so much.. It’s 12:25 pm. and he hasn’t been out yet today. When I suggest he might like to shake his leg he looks up at me briefly and then he put his head back under the blanket.
Have to admit the weather makes me kind of lazy too. E is already on his second project of the day. Our truck crapped out on the other side of the island and Brad offered to take a look at it with him. Brad is our resident truck guru…our truck is a year younger than our 25 year old daughter and could pass for twice her age… They have their work cut out for them.
We have been watching a massive house be constructed this past year on the island in front of us. As I procrastinated in choosing a job off my todo list I noticed a ton of smoke coming from the newly finished monstrosity. It wasn’t a structure fire but a giant burn pile. It is to be expected, but I am always startled when burn season starts up again. While I snooped with my binoculars on the house…..what jumps up on the water in front of me but a dolphin. Two, then six … A few of them playing quietly in the middle of the channel.
So I took my binoculars out to the perch and watched them for maybe 45 minutes. The big white boats coming through the narrows eventually scared them off… Tim Three (we have had to number our Tims)  had five whales beside his boat in the channel in front of our house yesterday, I missed them. All of these sightings bode well for an entertaining winter ahead.
I think I need to add a specific item to my todo list. Item – watch the nature channel. Because when there is wildlife out front no other task is accomplished . I drop everything or in today’s case don’t pick up anything and just sit and watch as the the nature channel unfolds before me. Life is too short to worry about the forty apples rotting in the kitchen drawer (long story) or the unfinished quilts and the jumble of research for my book.  It will all get done. We are likely to get a few more rainy days this winter.
I have company coming for dinner tonight so have opted to do nothing else today. When I entertain it is pretty casual. Living on this island it’s a big event if I put
On a bra

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4 thoughts on “On a bra

  1. This is my third comment on your recent return to writing blogs…the other two did not make it on…..I think I am being filter-spammed. Which is OK. My feelings aren’t hurt.
    But I wanted to share that: if I post with a blog title that includes the words, Guns, sex, boobs, horsepower or naked, nude or twisted, I get more readers. Makes no difference that there are rarely any boobs, guns or nudity in the blog (tragic), I still get the increase. The blog could be about religion or politics but if I say ‘boobs’ in the title, the numbers go up. I didn’t think anyone else knew that. But your blog title sports ‘BRA’ and that kinda qualifies. NO! Not sports-bra….sports-as-in-HAS. So, I read it. And, like my blogs with such titles, there was NO bra content (pardon the imagery) and so you, too, must be resorting to such tricks! Good on ya.
    You wanna do ‘underpants’ or do you want to leave that to me?

    • My blog on naked Thursdays did very well…. who knew??? I will leave underpants to you…… From now on I will try to be more “enticing” in my titles.. excellent tip…. 🙂 Cause I need to up
      my readership in the perv demographic….. ps.. sorry you were considered spam.. should be sorted now 🙂

      • You want the perv segment do ya? That’s a pretty broad audience these days and THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! I could always put your link on my blog? Link in to the Trump Delorables. They are about as weird as it gets save for the Donald himself, of course, and his son. Well, there’s Melania and Ivanka, too…oh, well, link in to the whole flam damily, pick up a few of those Bubbas and see how you do.

      • Can’t keep up to the crazy shit that man vomits in a day….It’s a great time to be on an island in the middle of nowhere… I hide from all that is/who are deplorable…. 🙂

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