Costs me nothing

 I have my kitchen back. The fruit flies are going to have to find somewhere else to infest. I have canned beats, tomato sauce, spiced pear jam, pear jam, whole pears in vanilla honey, applesauce,  pear chutney, mixed fall chutney and finally today, green tomato relish. I am canned out. I was canned out fifteen jars ago..  But it’s done and the pantry is full. I know we will appreciate the goodness in the winter, but I am glad to be done and have my kitchen back.

After coffee shop a few of our friends wandered down to see how E’s greenhouse project is going. Nothing scarier than professional carpenters coming to see how your very first building is going, mid project. Basically, E got a bunch of free windows and designed a building to hold them together. On the whole,  there was  support of his progress but they all recommend more ventilation.. Lots more. I guess there is a risk of mould and bugs if you don’t have a screened path for fresh air when the interior temps go over 40 degrees. He will add vented windows along the base of the front to what he already has… Hopefully that’s enough….

I was thinking of planting a climbing rose next to the greenhouse that could provide a little shade in the late summer but be cut back in the spring when the seedlings are young… It’s a thought.. Any ideas?

The week ahead is supposed to be sunny and warm. I have a ton of plants to move in the garden. I have a lot of iris to bring down to the driveway garden beds.. Lots and lots to do and I am looking forward to getting back out there. Working in the kitchen is not my happy place.
You might think this is a lot of green tomato chutney. But my kids like it. Probably the only thing I make that they like. They put it on everything and it

Costs me nothing

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