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Clean the house


It’s 10:30 am and I am on a union break. I have been cleaning since 8am. Ug, have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning? It’s not that I am a messy person, in fact the opposite, I hate mess. But I hate cleaning more. I wonder how I managed to work full time and keep a 3000 square foot house clean back in the day. Then I remember, I usually had a cleaning lady.

I realize I am beginning to sound like Forest Gump when I continually quote my mother’s pearls of wisdom but here I go again. Mom said back in 92 after my daughter was born and we moved into a big house in the suburbs that I couldn’t be my perfect self, wife, mother, employee, cook and bottle washer. Something would have to go and she suggested bottle washing. So, I hired a cleaning lady and it kept us sane. My friend who worked full time with three sons maintains hiring a cleaning lady saved her marriage. As it happened for me,  the cooking pretty much went out the window too. For the most part all my other roles, never perfect, did then bring me happiness.

Now we are in a 900 square foot house. Two hours and I am no where near finished cleaning and I have lost interest. The Heron was squawking below me so I had to go see what he was on about.  The squirrel knocked over the “bird feeder”, so I had to fix that.. The fish should be fed and my winter to do list updated.

It’s flat calm and took E 36 minutes to get to town this morning ..he is bringing back one of our sons with his two friends. They are coming to get out of the city and kayak. I lived with this kid til 2007 when he went away to university, his friends were always at our house… Now I am lucky to see him three times a year. I guess it’s what kids do, grow up.. Good for them, crummy for Moms 🙂

I should get back to work, it’s 11 am and my union break is over. I am just checking my winter todo list and notice that absolutely no where on the list is

 clean the house

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8 thoughts on “Clean the house

  1. My wife worked. I did, too. We had a weekly cleaning service. They were ridiculous. Same 200 sft cleaned each week. The rest of the house a schmozzle. The day before the cleaning ladies came, S would say, “C’mon, we have to clean up before the cleaning ladies come!”
    Having said that, we, too, hate the cleaning and it shows. I have no problem cleaning but, once done, it should last for awhile. Spiders and webs don’t let that happen. Dust bunnies procreate. How the hell do we have dust living in a rain forest? I blame the Chinese. It’s THEIR dust I am getting. And the dust that glows is definitely Japanese. Where is Trudeau on the Asian dust smuggling issue?

    • Ah… we had great nannies and cleaning ladies.. I am still trying to figure out how I could have a live in Nanny now… Maybe a Manny…???? We never had dust in Kerrisdale when I was growing up
      I am pretty sure it wasn’t allowed… I miss the sixties….

  2. You have to write it on the list and cross it off, otherwise is won’t go noticed.

  3. I’m so glad that you are blogging again. I am getting my fix of island life while I am on the 25th floor of our high rise apartment! I still haven’t figured out why we clean house before people come over?! Enjoy your family!

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  4. We hate cleaning, too. My wife doesn’t see it until guests are coming. But I blame Asia. The glow dust is Japanese, for sure. Our city cleaning ladies cleaned the same 200 sft every week. Worse, I had to clean up before they came! Then they wanted coffee. I wanted them let go but S said, “they are like family, now!”
    Which was my point!!! Useless!

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