Bring it on

We used to have a live in  nanny from the Phillipines. For seven years my house was clean and our clothes were ironed… Oh, and my kids were well cared for.. When it came to the end of the year the nannies would stress that it was important   on December 31st that the cupboards, freezer and pantry were full. It was good luck. It meant that the cupboards would  never be bare in the  year ahead. The fact that I had overspent at Christmas was irrelevant to them. Those cupboards had to be replenished. And so I did. Far be it from me to tempt the Filipino abundance Gods.

We went to town today. First time since August 15th. We set a personal record for shopping stops.TWENTY! …again I say, where is Woodwards when you need them. There is not one store that has all that we need or even most of what we need. I get my fish food and bird seed (black oil sunflower seed) from Buckerfields but my bird food (suet) from the dollar store.  I Get  my dog food at Walmart, my spices from the bulk store, my boat oil from Canadian Tire and my daffodil bulbs from Costco. We saw Doctors and pharmacies, had blood work and an X-ray. The dog had a haircut!

It was exhausting but I don’t mind. Cause at the end of the day, by the end of September it will all be done. My cupboards will be full. The pantry will want of nothing, the generator will have diesel and my propane will be  full. 

I have had to take the lessons from my nannies seriously. It is not only good luck, and good Karma to have the cupboards, pantry, freezer ( and generator) filled at the beginning of January. But, living on this island, it is a matter of common sense and responsibility to start the off season well prepared. It is no ones fault but our own if we run out of fuel, food or wine. If the seas are high and we run out of TP, it’s our own damn problem. So…. With that in mind, as I sit exhausted in my chair from my trying day.. I look at the well stocked pantry and say.  Ok, winter


Bring it on

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