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look great though


It is 29 degrees in our house and probably 35 degrees in the garden.. E has some work to do at a neighbours so he goes over when their house is in the shade in the late afternoon. 

One of the unexpected perks of our new driveway is the new seating area it has provided. With both daytime shade and an awesome view,  it has everything I like in a place to read my book.


Between E’s growing list of projects, he is working on the greenhouse… it is coming along.. Unfortunately the success of the locale choice for its access to sunshine limits the time he can work on it during the hottest days of summer.Once the days cool I am sure it will be finished in no time..But, during the days now its too darned hot up there. Ignore the picture, it is honestly usually in the sun!!!.  It is going to be really an interesting experiment to see how long my summer growing season can be extended when the greenhouse is finished… 

 Our intention is to only use the driveway as a driveway on propane hauling days and to get down to our front door when we are in our late nineties, so having access to another grassy flattish area has been a plus. Last weekend we put our books down and celebrated the last Tragically Hip concert in style on our driveway with twenty, fifty somethings at sunset. E hooked four big speakers into our TV sound system and showed the taped concert on the tv outside. I guess with the area completely surrounded by rocks the sound system sounded particularly good and if you interview the people across the water in Ladysmith I am sure they would agree. It was truly a memorable experience and I am sure that if I could remember anything about that night… it would be the experience itself…unfortunately it’s been four days and we are still recovering…

the pictures look great though:)





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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “look great though

  1. It was a truly fabulous and memorable night. You guys make this a very special place. Thank you

  2. How could you do it without me? Home SundayX A

  3. Hey – great to read your blog again! It’s been a while since I have received a notification. Perhaps it’s a problem at my end or you just haven’t been writing as much – will investigate. Sounds like you have had a busy summer. Take care.
    PS we are now in the new home and loving it. Next Magee get together is here.

    • I haven’t been writing for months.. Combination of never inside and too busy but I’m back!!… Still waiting for pics of the new house???? Next Magee reunion should be in mid January I will be passing through town at that time for a wedding…… Big giant hugs my friend… Miss you!

  4. Would have loved to have been there. I hear it was a great time.

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