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In the garden


Yesterday, E took advantage of full water tanks and abundant sunshine to power wash the deck, clean the windows and kill the moss on the roof (with a little bleach)…The Thompsons water seal made a huge difference in the amount of green slime on our deck after the winter but just to be thorough he is putting another coat on today.

Once again, I’m up at 5. After three weeks sleeping sitting up in a chair I am happy to make it until 5, in my bed. I chose not to take any more Tylenol to get comfortable enough to sleep. Although I’m not quite ready for bowling, curling or pitching in the big leagues, it’s gone very well… I still haven’t cleaned the house in a month but I can ignore it when I’m in the garden. 

 The garlic is thriving. E has planted the beets and carrots. The voles continue to eat my peas so I have started some in pots with a plastic cover….Tina’s grandchildren planted the dill and lettuce seeds at Easter. Yesterday, I potted up my tomatoes into one gallon pots. So far, thirty six… One handed potting goes slowly but I was in no hurry. A few friends came by for seedlings and more are coming today. Everyone is welcome to take what they want …..there are lots to go around.. And if anyone wants goldfish…. There are extra too!

Came down from the garden and E noticed a lone sea lion fishing below the house… He floated on the surface looking for his dinner. Once spotted, he then dove down and returned swimming in circles as he  pushed the fish to the top. Then he grabbed  the fish and slaped it against the top of the water to stun it. Sometimes he lost it and you could see him standing on his tippy toes (they don’t actually have toes) trying to see where it went…. When it was stunned he threw it in the air and swallowed  it whole… We sat on the perch and were entertained for forty minutes. He caught three fish… 

 In 2015, we had our last fire of the winter in the airtight stove on May 7. Perhaps this year it will be sooner. The warm weather with sunny skies, 25 degrees with no wind is expected for the next few days. It is pretty darned nice for April. If you are looking for me I’ll be

in the garden

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. No question; the End of Days are much more pleasant than I expected. Last fire is likely today. And I have had my first sunburn already. Plus there have been kayakers and hummingbirds! What is the world coming to?

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