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answer your phone


I have absolutely no clue how to make up fake people to share our life with you here. I have no idea how to make this blog better……And so we are just going to keep the status quo… Let’s hope the wildlife continues to give me something to write about…..cause inventive narrative.. Not guaranteed …..

I was able to go to coffee shop this morning. I hadn’t been for a few weeks but I understand there have been big crowds. There were only about ten of us this week.

We had an excellent two days in Vancouver. My daughter had given me tickets to Mama Mia for Christmas. What a treat to have a night out together just the two of us. Before we left, E took this picture in front of our house. He thought he was taking a picture of an eagle sitting on the water, which we never see and thought was odd. But as it turns out the eagle was grappling with a fish under the surface. Can you see it?DSCN9759Tonight, we had a phone call from the Y’s, they were in their boat with a pod of whales feeding in front of them at Morris’s Point. I alerted our Mrs. W and tried to phone the upstairs neighbours (but they didn’t answer)….  There were four, two quite small and one was very large. They came right in front of our house, Of course with their upping and downing, it’s always hard to get a good picture…..DSCN9795

As a  housekeeping matter.. Last week the Turkey Vultures, Finches, Swallows and flocks of Hummingbirds arrived back to the island….

I’m not sure what lesson I have learned through this “quitting the blog”  failed attempt but the lesson from tonight’s whale visit which everyone should take away is that the whales are back, if you want to be sure to see them…..








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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Sorry

  2. Glad to read that you are not quitting after all! I can only assume that you had many responses like my own or perhaps it’s because you back to drinking.😉 Also glad that you are up, out and about again.

  3. SO glad you are back. Forget the names. You’d need a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. Ha! Initials are a-okay. :)ML

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