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healthy tomato plants


Even I am tired of the rain.. Normally a person who gladly uses rain as an excuse to stay inside and read a book, I have had enough… Enough!!! Go away already.. I want to sit in my garden and enjoy the spring flowers.. We have Hyacinth and Daffodils galore but only the deer get to see them cause I am in the house trying to stay dry..DSCN9433

Last spring we were over at the F’s visiting and they were doing a major spring clean of their house.. I was most impressed and made a note that it would be a clever thing to do. So this year, after living here almost four years I started to go through the cupboards and drawers. With the limited space we have it was time to toss or recycle things which we brought with us and have taken up valuable space for no apparent reason.. They are gone, cupboards are clean.

First sign of herring season was the arrival of the fisheries testing ship, wandering back and forth in front of our house this afternoon.DSCN9519

We had almost 100% success rate on the tomato seeds I started last week. I have tomato plants on every table in the house.. Call out to everyone to bring their one gallon pots and pick your tomatoes, there are lots !!! Not sure how well they will establish themselves growing in my living room but its fun to try.. Next year I will do it properly with the greenhouse… In addition to the tomatoes, I have started Leek, Basil, Pumpkin, Mexican Torch, Nicotina, Hollyhock and Green Peppers…

So the house is clean, the garden is weeded and the seeds are started. Nothing left to do but head to town tomorrow and get a new right shoulder.Don’t know when I will feel up to writing again, but when I do I hope to have lots of pictures of great bigimg_0972

healthy tomato plants


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  1. Best wishes for your surgery. Sending lots of healing thoughts and hugs

  2. We will definitely be thinking of you for a speedy recovery!!!

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