A little excessive

Thanks to all the support of my contributors, the Island Newsletter is almost finished. Publication date isn’t until May 1st. One more item to come in plus an update on the marina situation at the end of April and we will be good to go. I have offers of help to stuff and distribute so it is officially off my list of things to worry about.

In the garden, I have peas and lettuce planted. The Kale is still thriving, if anyone wants some, take some… Please!!   

Yesterday the sun made a brief appearance and we were able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. E split wood while I planted my tomato seeds in peat pot starter sets. I have nine different types. (Pollock, Yellow Wonder, Roma, Ruth’s Perfect, Pink Brandyswine, Cosmonaut Yellow, Berkley Tie Die, Yellow, and Indigo Rose  which are black)….They are on my coffee table along with the Leeks, Hollyhocks, Nicotina, Mexican Torch and Peppers.  If they all take I am going to need to figure out a cheap method to pot them up.. I am thinking I can cut off the bottoms of our milk cartons… Friends nearby, have some to share???  

This week we need to pick up some starter soil mix in town so I have what I need when the time comes to “pot up” . E hopes to get the greenhouse going in the next week or so.. If he does, it will be quite fun to spend April puttering  with the little plants and prove a nice distraction for me.. The bonus of course being that I will have lots to eat this summer and awesome tomato sauce next winter. This year I have made a special point to plant a selection of different coloured tomatoes. Not only for the pretty salads they will make but I find the tastes blend for a greater flavour in the sauces.

I saw an ad in the local grocery store for locally grown Kiwis.. Grown on the island next to us… My neighbour in L had great success with hers, so I would like to give it a try. She sent me pictures yesterday (Thanks MV!) of the support she uses.  I have asked my staff , E and he is willing to build it for me, you know, when he finishes splitting the wood and building the greenhouse. 

Our Mrs. W is home after a long winters absence and so coffee shop is back at her place this morning. She is my go to expert on vegetable seed starting. I am unlikely to have half the success she has, which is probably a good thing. At the end of the day, yesterday I had started 186 tomato plants!!! I like tomatoes and I will be sharing with my friends but it still might be 

A little excessive.

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