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A naked April


When asked why I needed a garden with so much privacy in L, I would explain it was for naked Thursday’s..


I spent years growing hedges and privacy screens to allow no one visibility into our yard or house. It worked and it was wonderful. I could spend not just Thursday’s in the garden but everyday, drinking my coffee in complete privacy. If I chose to relax in the garden naked I wanted the option. We originally suggested naked Tuesday’s, but Tuesday’s we had to take out the trash and that would have just been awkward.

We went to check out our new moorage this week. The Marina is great. We were really impressed. The owner gave us a thorough tour. Locked gates, washrooms, secure parking, laundry, garbage, recycling and a really great pub with a summer deck….We picked out one of the their last four spots and after trying out the half price appies at the pub, left happy. We  sent a picture of the route and boat slip to the family from an overhead shot we found on Google Earth.

While on Google Earth, I scanned down to look at our property.  The picture is pretty clear. At the top left is where our water tanks sit. Then you can see our garden, next level down is the studio and new wood shed with the green roof. Then on the cliff edge is our house. I bet if you looked closely you could see me in the garden. Apparently the property isn’t as private as I had thought!

When I had my first two children, I tried for the whole natural childbirth routine. What the hospital hadn’t told me was that when I gave in and needed an epidural, the staff had to track down an athestitist. By they time they did, I had had my sons naturally, whether I wanted to or not. By the time I was having my third I was past the whole earth mama business. When I went into labour with my daughter I phoned the hospital and told them I was coming and I wanted an epidural when I got there, in the waiting room if necessary.  I can honestly say my entire relationship with my daughter from moment one, has been pain free.

While we were in town, we met with the anesthetist at the hospital. I think she is pretty clear on my opinions about pain… Drugs or no, it sounds like getting dressed is going to prove challenging. I am thinking we might be looking at

A naked April

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10 thoughts on “A naked April

  1. Hehehe….I am sending over the drones!

  2. Shall I knit you a poncho?

    • You make me laugh… If I had the choice of a poncho or having to walk around naked…. I still don’t think I would wear a poncho!!! But you are just so very kind to offer!!!!!!!!

  3. We still talk about your naked Thursdays here all the time. Some of the neighbors just don’t get it, though. Hopefully April will be seasonably tropical.

  4. Perhaps the W’s will declare the Cut “our Wreck Beach” then everyone could join in……….

  5. Thanks for the heads up…we will be sure to call before we stop in for a visit, especially on Thursdays :). I guess it all just part of the Nature Channel.

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