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The dangling ones


She called me with the date. Her voice giddy with the news. Singsongy like she was telling me I had won the lottery..     “Mrs.. I have a surgery date for you”… I had hoped for a date in the winter.. What better time to recoup but during the cold months in front of the fire. Alas, it was not to be and recovery will be moved to the garden.

I am going to have my right shoulder replaced. Between the current plates in my wrists and my new shoulder I will be just like the Bionic Woman .(70’s show reference) ..With his new heart E has already assumed the role of Bionic Man. My surgeon says I will be kayaking in no time.. Well at least maybe next year.. I will no longer, and I quote him “waste the best years of my life” with only one useful arm.

In preparation, we went to town yesterday for pre-op testing. After answering my nursing interview questions .. How much alcohol do I drink?  There was blood work, an ECG and X-rays with a handsome young X-ray technician. After lots of pictures while I stood,  He says to me ” this time I need you to sit sideways beside the table. With your elbow bent, stretch out, as far as possible.”  I guess the Doctor was trying for a picture of the shoulder joint as open as possible. I did as I was told and draped myself across the table. Then handsome pauses and looks at me, points to my chest and says “there is no polite way to say this. I need you to hold on to  your …. to keep it out of the way” apparently one of my dangling bits was in the shot…. Next week I meet with anethetist.

3 hours later we headed on our way for a Costco, diesel, gas, run… E has gone again today for propane.. Our water, generator, propane, and truck tanks will be full.

Apparently I’m not supposed to drink wine through the whole preparation and recovery process. I have to drink something.  I bought four months worth of bottled water for the same price as one bottle of wine! (Who knew?).. .

The seeds I planted last weekend are starting to come up. Leek, Nicotina and Hollyhock.


Moon Set Feb 24, 2016

In an effort to live forever healthy on this island, in this paradise… E and I are slowly replacing our bits. But we are holding on to

the dangling ones

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

7 thoughts on “The dangling ones

  1. “We are holding on to the dangling ones..”…? You holding his? He, yours? Or is this some kind of cry for attention? Either way, I suppose….so long as no one treads on them. Don’t be afriaid to ask a neighbour for a hand now and then……THAT will keep you healthy!

  2. Offers to hold the dangling bits? From neighbours? Your island sounds a lot more naughty than ours!

  3. As always, a delight to read. A smile on my face as I imagine you speaking. I’m sure you will be as good as new. When exactly is the surgery? Hope it’s soon, given there is no wine before hand!

  4. I am sorry to hear about the shoulder surgery. I have been gone from blogging for awhile and I am trying to catch up on what’s been going on with every one. Please take care, don’t overdue and remember that quitting wine is only temporary! your friend in the desert, the mohave rat.

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