List can wait

Looks like the rain is going to hold off and it will be a beautiful day. Coffee shop is at the R’s.  I am going to take my pruners with me and stop at EU’s and do her roses for her on my way home.  I walked around my garden yesterday and it is just ready to burst. The crocuses are up, the hyacinth are poking through the soil, all of the shrubs are covered in buds.. The pond is full of fish.. The original four fish are huge and they have eight fair sized babies who have survived the winter… I will give four to CH, if she wants them for her new pond.  

 I started to soak the peas for planting this week. If the seeds have sprouted a bit before planting, they are less likely to be sabatoged by the voles. . SK gave me her Costco egg cartons for some of my seed starting… I learned my lesson from last year and am following the West Coast Seed planting guide. Yesterday, I started Leeks, Hollyhocks and Nicotina in the flats. Over the next six weeks my living room will be again wall to wall seed starts. The greenhouse isn’t finished started.  

When it is built the greenhouse will go where the compost used to be. We are reorganizing the pathway a bit inside the garden to add a door into the greenhouse for access from within the garden.  I know, sounds confusing.. E built the new compost this week and it’s a beauty. I have had compost envy of Mrs. W’s for quite some time and now I have one like hers.  It will be much easier for me to use with my limited strength. Our  (E’s) only really job on the job list this summer will be the greenhouse..  

 As discussed previously we have had annoying issues with vandalism at our marina over in town. This spring, the owners intend to shut the marina down for four months and completely renovate it. Including fenced parking… Nothing is perfect but this should go a long way in securing our cars and boats.  As of April 1st we will have no access to our marina… We are going to have to take the boat up through the narrows and to the city dock for supplies and to pick up family.. Needless to say we will go rarely.. To that end we are stocking up on supplies. We are going to do a major propane, diesel gas run this week. The next week we will do Costco. For us, March 16th is our deadline to be all prepared.

My intention is to sit in my garden all summer and ignore the whole situation. We will have plenty of fresh vegetables to see us through and plenty of entertainment from the birds. E can putter away on the greenhouse slowly. The rest of the     to do 

list can wait. 

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